The puzzle hunt requires that a team have at least one text and voice capable phone. Many puzzles give clues over the phone.

To register your phone with our phone messaging system, text the word “register” to¬†775-200-9776. To unregister and no longer get messages from the system, simple text “unregister” to that same number. You will not be able to submit answers to the phone system if you have not registered your phone. The phone numbers known by the automated phone system are few and they are never given out to anyone for any reason. They are simply kept so the system can ignore phone message spam that might show up now and then.

In rare cases, registered numbers might get messages that contain news about the puzzle hunt. You may also get clues or hints for puzzles that are giving all teams a little trouble. This is unlikely but could happen while your number is registered with us.

Try It Now

Text “test” to 775-200-9776 and you should get back “Your text message was received and the system appears to be working perfectly!