Welcome to the Self-Guided UNR Puzzle Hunt. This page contains instructions and puzzles. The instructions are shown here and can be downloaded as a PDF file. The puzzles are all PDF files except for the sample puzzle that you might have seen mentioned on the home page.


Print out the puzzles.

Print a copy of the code sheet in case any puzzles need decodings, or have a copy or link to it on your phone.

You will need a roll of pennies for puzzle 4.

You will also need a pencil or pen, a scratch piece of paper (or the back of a puzzle sheet), and maybe something straight (edge of a piece of paper) in case you need to draw a straight line.

A campus map is provided in a PDF file and you can also go to the student union and get one from them.

You will need to send text messages so bring a phone that can send texts. You might also need to make phone call so don’t rely on just a tablet. For the hidden puzzle, text “hidden” followed by the answer to the 775-200-9776. All text messages are sent to that number.

All puzzles are outdoors with the exception of puzzle 2 which is completed within the Mathewson IGT Knowledge Center (just inside the South West downstairs entrance doors).

Solving all of the puzzles could take 8 or more hours. We think you can do almost all of them in under five hours so starting at about 10:00 am is a good time choice. Start early if you are a morning person.

If you get stuck on a puzzle, you can text “hint” followed by the puzzle number to 775-200-9776. The automated phone system will give you a hint if there is one available. If you type “help” followed by a message, the message will be forwarded to one of the puzzle designers and they may, if it is convenient, send you a response. Don’t count on getting help from a person.

Bring snacks or lunch. Stay hydrated in the summer. Don’t break any campus rules or any laws please.

PDF Files (Instructions, Puzzles, etc.)

These Instructionsinstructions.pdf

Code Sheetcodesheet.pdf
The code sheet provides conversions to and from many types of codes. Those include, but are not limited to: Morse, ASCII, Semaphore, Braille, etc.

Campus Mapcampusmap.pdf
The campus map is needed for at least one puzzle and is useful in finding some of the locations of the puzzles. Get one at “the Joe” if you can’t print this one big enough.

Puzzle #1: Redactedpuzzle1.pdf
Medium: 50 Points

Puzzle #2: Sign Up!puzzle2.pdf
The file for puzzle 2 includes two pages that should be overlapped and taped together. If you don’t have scissors and tape, use the smaller version of that picture that comes with the alternate PDF file for puzzle 2.
Medium: 50 Points

Puzzle #3: What’s My Middle Name? (A Mountain of Trouble)puzzle3.pdf
Medium: 50 Points

Puzzle #4: Penny Antepuzzle4.pdf
Medium: 50 Points

Puzzle #5: Our Five Black Sheeppuzzle5.pdf
Hard: 100 Points

Puzzle #6: Special Deliverypuzzle6.pdf
Very Hard: 150 Points

Puzzle #7: Word Searchpuzzle7.pdf
Easy: 25 Points

Puzzle #8: On a First Name Basispuzzle8.pdf
Medium: 50 Points

Puzzle #9: Not to Scalepuzzle9.pdf
Hard: 75 Points

Puzzle #10: Follow the Leaderpuzzle10.pdf
Medium: 50 Points

Puzzle #11: Double Crossedpuzzle11.pdf
Medium: 75 Points