All But One!

I altered all but one puzzle. The updated puzzles all have a text messaging component (where you text in your answer to see if it’s right) and they are all in PDF format. The last puzzle had relied on there being a message on a bulletin board on campus and I can’t post that message […]

Now a Self-Guided Hunt

I’m giving up on hosting the UNR Puzzle Hunt as a big event. The people in the Clubs and Organizations department led me on for too long before they just gave up. They seemed to want to change the event to their liking and acted like there was too much work to do even though […]

Change of Plans

The UNR Clubs and Organizations department is no longer able to plan and run the event. I am trying to find a new backer at the University. The April date is still good for now but we might end up pushing the event back to early or mid October 2018.

Tentative Date Set

The puzzle hunt is now “penciled in” for April 14, 2018. The UNR Department of Clubs and Organizations is running the event and will get final date approval during their the next meeting. So keep the date open; the hunt in on!

Sample Puzzle is Ready

The sample puzzle is now ready and waiting here. The puzzle is original, designed specifically for this puzzle hunt. It would have been a good puzzle to have in the hunt itself except for it being do-able anywhere. Puzzles for the hunt are best if they use something from the nearby area as a clue.