The Self-Guided UNR Puzzle Hunt is puzzle hunt “event” where a team of 3 or 4 people competes (against itself and the clock) for fame, fortune, and everything else that goes with spending a day solving location-specific puzzles. Puzzles come in a range of complexity and most require information that can only be found on the UNR campus.

This puzzle hunt was originally designed as a multi-team contest that was to happen in the spring of 2018. The school support for the event didn’t work out and now it is published online for you to enjoy. You might see some info on this site that was not changed to reflect the self-guided nature of this thing; you can just ignore that information.

Go to the home page and look for the link to the puzzles. They are all documented in PDF format and can be printed out and carried around easily during the event. Don’t forget to print the code sheet in case you discover a puzzle that uses some form of data encoding!

Good luck and have fun.