I altered all but one puzzle. The updated puzzles all have a text messaging component (where you text in your answer to see if it’s right) and they are all in PDF format. The last puzzle had relied on there being a message on a bulletin board on campus and I can’t post that message and have it stay up for a long time, or even for more than a day.

I also had to move puzzle 12 to be puzzle 1. Interestingly, puzzle 1 was going to be a cooperative puzzle where teams would get information from the other teams to solve it. Since there are no other teams, puzzle 1 won’t work. It was a clever puzzle and I’m gong to keep it a secret in case I figure out a way to use parts of it in the future.

So once the final change it made, I can update this site to get indexed by search engines and start pushing the information about it to the outside world. If you are reading this when I post it, you are the one person who somehow found this before it was ready.