I’m giving up on hosting the UNR Puzzle Hunt as a big event. The people in the Clubs and Organizations department led me on for too long before they just gave up. They seemed to want to change the event to their liking and acted like there was too much work to do even though all I needed them for was a “permit.” Anyhow, this is now going to be published on this site ass a self-guided event. I’m hoping that there will be some puzzle hunt community word-of-mouth support and that at least a few people can try the puzzles over the next few years while I can continue to pay for this site.

So look for more info on the home page as it becomes available. Once all of the puzzles are changed to work without support from the University, they will be free to download and solve. Mostly, I need to make PDF versions instead of duplicating the print versions I have now. And one puzzle relied on me placing a note somewhere on campus for players to find. It’s an easy change to make (hours of work messing with words, letters, and other hidden information) and I’ll have it done in a few week if I’m lucky.